I’m grateful for the opportunities God has blessed me with. I take nothing for granted.

There is a lot of poverty here in Colombia, and as I go about my day, I’m reminded how rich you and I truly are.

You may not know you’re rich, but you truly are. Live a day in some of these people’s shoes and you’ll realize how great you got it. It’s the little things we take for granted.

You’d be surprised how many people here don’t have hot water to bathe in. I tried taking a cold shower yesterday to see what it was like and I couldn’t survive past the first few seconds.It warmed my heart to see hard working Colombians walk out of a pastry shop to hand a man on the street a pastry.

Another one brought him a bottled water. I saw women walk up and give coins to a woman in need. And I saw a couple bring out their leftovers from the restaurant and handed it to a guy on the steps.I’ve seen entire families living in houses with cracks in the roofs and open spaces in the walls. At anytime, animals and insects can be inside their house pestering them while they sleep.

I’ve seen some very hungry people. Men, women and children sleeping on the street. Many of the homes here don’t have air conditioning. I’m blessed to have an AirbNb with some cool air. I don’t know how I’d survive without it in this heat and humidity.

As I’ve mentioned, it’s the lil things.

They’re increasing the minimum wage to $275 per month … Yeah, I said $275 per month!

And that’s what a lot of families live on out here. So If you’re trippin about your $10/hr job, stop trippin. Folks entire lives would change earning just $20 per day at your job for 2-hours work.In all things be grateful… You have it better than most people in the world.

I’m looking to hire a local Colombian to do some website/social media work. If anyone knows someone skilled in these areas, please reach out to me.

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