$19,000 for a Brand New Apartment in Ibague

Apartment for Sale Ibague

The new town of Ibague Colombia is blowing my mind!

I just arrived here and it’s dark, but I’ve been walking up and down the street for the last hour.

From what I’m seeing so far, and this could change, I’d choose this place over Medellin in a New York heart beat.

Now I ain’t no party animal, so a place like Medellin wouldn’t be for an old playa like me, lol.

I just saw a sign for a brand new apartment for $19,000 (US dollars) and it’s in a major shopping district (down the street from a major mall).

This city, Ibague, is listed as 1 of 8 of the up and coming places to live in Colombia.

I’ll be back out in these streets tomorrow… Get ready.

I only planned to be here a few days but might extend this trip a lil longer.

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