Meeting Lots of Black Afro Colombians

Dancing in Buenaventura

A lot of people are surprised to know that Colombia has a fairly sizable black Afro-Colombian population.

The kids in this video are practicing for an upcoming dance competition. The name of the group is Alma Porteña (there’s a bunch of groups with the same name that aren’t from Colombia. I don’t think they have a Facebook page but I’m trying to find out)

This town, Buenaventura, is mostly of African descent 85% — while 10% are Mestizo and 5% are White.This place ain’t far from me … it’s about a 2 1/2 ride from where I’m at in Cali.

Unfortunately, the city is affected by very high levels of poverty and violence, and is considered a center for the cocaine trade in Colombia (Wikipedia)I’m always pleased to learn of programs where kids can be kids and kept off the streets. If you’d like to donate money to the school, reach out to me.

Buenaventura is one of the major ports on the continent, accounting for nearly 60% of all Colombian sea imports and exports (Wikipedia)

The potential for this city to be great is high. The local government and the locals are trying hard to win back their city.

I’ve mentioned this before, every time I see a black person here, I assume they’re American. And when I speak to them, I’m reminded they’re not.

I saw a beautiful couple today and tried to strike up a conversation. We just laughed because we couldn’t understand each other.

I came up on a group of black boys and girls laughing and playing around … As I got closer, all I could hear was a bunch of Spanish talk. I just laughed to myself.

What’ll mess you up here is going to a Korean restaurant and listening to a full-blooded Korean talking to you in Spanish (and not knowing a lick of English). Again, I just laugh.

The world is an amazing place. You see all shades of people from different backgrounds doing what everyone one else does … Trying to provide and create the best life for their families.

I’ll add this in … A benefit of being a black person coming to Colombia is the fact every one will assume you’re a local (that’s until you open your mouth and start talking).

You’ll blend right in with the rest of the country anywhere in Colombia.Come enjoy!

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