These Prices Will Shock You: Fresh Fruits Delivered Daily

Every morning, you’ll have these guys pulling a fruit/vegetable cart down your street (known as ‘Los Fruteros’).

They’ll have an intercom announcing what they have (they even have guys riding by selling mirrors too). Anyhow, when they come by, you can go down and pick out your fruit.

In the pic below I have a papaya (and even though it looks small, it’s actually pretty big. I’d usually pay $4.99 per pound for a papaya in the US.

Fresh Fruits to your Doorstep in Cali Colombia

You’ll also see a pack of strawberries, 2 avocados and two oranges (I think), lol …

I paid $2 bucks for all of this.

These avocados are huge and there’s a bunch of strawberries in the package. Nowadays, you’d almost spend $1.50 for one big apple at Publix.

Because it’s so convenient to eat better and cheaper, I find myself doing that. Whenever I hear the ‘Los Frutero’ dude rolling up, I go grab some stuff to snack on.

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