The healthcare system in other countries are not like the United States. If you end up with a medical emergency in these foreign countries, they don't have to treat you if you don't have insurance or the money to pay.

It's known in many places that if they do treat you, and you're unable to pay, you will NOT be allowed to leave the hospital.

That's right, you will be held hostage there; and the US Embassy can't help you. In fact, the US Embassy goes out of their way to tell you to come to these countries prepared! They won't pay your bill and they won't get you out.

So let this message serve as your final warning. You can no longer claim you didn't know about how the health system works outside of the United States.

So if you're an expat, or you plan to immigrate to another country, health or travel insurance plans that are actually accepted by these foreign hospitals is something you need to have.

In the interview below, health insurance expert Tanya Marshall shares a few options for those traveling around and/or living abroad.

It's not the cheapest insurance, but for many, it's an option to have until you can get residency and apply for local health insurance in the country you're living in.

While travel insurance or medical insurance for expats living abroad can be costly, it's much cheaper than having to fork over tens of thousands of dollars if an emergency arises.

Fortunately, the emergency surgery my daughter had only cost us about $3,000 USD. I was afraid it was going to cost tens of thousands of dollars.

I'm currently looking at some of these plans offered by Tanya until I get residency in Mexico where I can apply for the local Mexican insurance.

My friend Robert pays about $800 per year for his health insurance plan; and during his medical emergency, his local Mexican medical insurance plan is covering everything!

Health Insurance for Travel and Living Abroad: Expat Options

If you'd like to explore the various medical insurance options for traveling abroad and living in foreign countries as a U.S. citizen, contact Tanya Brooks for a custom quote.

*Tanya will follow-up with you to discuss your insurance options!

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