I got an e-mail last week from someone who was looking into the idea of moving to and living in Merida. Like most people, they’re caught by the ‘allure’ and the ‘beauty’ of the place.

I touched on this a few times on some of my previous videos about living in Merida, but for most who make their initial visit here, it’s anything but pretty and beautiful.


Many are shocked and turned off by the old buildings … Outdated roads and streets. Dogs wandering all over the place, and the ‘slowness’ in which every thing gets done.

No one is in a hurry to show up and fix stuff, and most of the time, they don’t even show up when they say they will… It took me a while to adapt to this one!

So that e-mail prompted the following response I sent to that person, and I thought I’d share it with you too!

Living in Merida Mexico – What it’s Really Like

I hope this email finds you well.

Yes! Merida is an awesome place and I’m still in awe of how nice the people are and the quality of life one can have here. It’s definitely a place where one can reset and get their life back in order and on track; which is exactly what I’m doing.

Years of poor financial decisions and choices forced me to seek out options and life abroad was the simplest and made the most sense.

As I’ve mentioned in previous videos, it’s a challenge making this adjustment. It’s not all peaches and cream and it requires hard work and lots of patience as you go through the adjustment period. 

But if you can hang in there for about a year, the rewards are the best you could ever ask for.

I met a Canadian couple earlier today; and they’ve been living here for over 16-years! 

They moved here to make their retirement (income) stretch further and I’m convinced they’ve also added more years to their lives by getting out of an environment that puts stress on their lives.

I’m more stress free here than I’ve been in my entire life. The idea that I need to make a ton of money and buy a lot of stuff to impress folks is not even a thing to me since moving here.

I wear my same jeans a couple days a week and ain’t worried about ‘shidt’ … lol!

I freaking love it.

Now, Merida itself doesn’t look like paradise! 

I’ll tell you that upfront. It looks rustic, old and dirty on eyes to those that are unaware of what’s underneath.

Some people are turned off when they first arrive … But as time goes by, you will appreciate that old rustic look as you start to understand why things are the way they are.

Many of the houses here are still standing hundreds of years later, and weren’t blown down by tornados or hurricanes that come through (makes you wonder who the crazy ones are … folks in Florida rebuilding houses after every hurricane season because they made stick houses (out of wood), where the houses here are made from concrete (the winds ain’t knocking them down).

But anyhow … It’s truly a beautiful place.

But you’re gonna have to work at it. Come out for a visit before making longterm plans. I’ve seen too many folks get here, only to leave weeks or months later.

Either the heat got ’em … Or the bugs … The language barrier … The speed at which things operate and move here (it’s very slow) …

Come check it out before you go selling off everything you own. This paradise ain’t for everyone … And be careful of the YouTubers who are only passing through. They can make it all look good, but they ain’t living here; they’re simply bouncing around from country to country. And their perspective ain’t the same as those living here.

It takes a lot of patience to live here. Those who do make it are generally much calmer and relaxed after they’ve made it through the adjustment period. That peace and calm is something I’ve never felt/experienced in the States. But at 48-years old, I’m able to enjoy it and I ain’t in no hurry to trade it in now that I’ve experienced it.

Anyhow … I wish you luck and hope you find that ‘peace of mind’!


So what do you think? I try to keep it real with folks.

I don’t want you to make this trip and lose your pants because it all looked like a fairytale dream online. No place rarely looks like to does when you’re living in it everyday.

Do your research and plan a visit to see for yourself.

I’m happy to talk and discuss over the phone … If you’d like to chit-chat, book a telephone consult with me. 

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