Hola amigos y amigas!

I hope you’re well. I wanted to run something very important by you!

Since being in Mexico, I’ve seen many people, including close friends of mine end up in the hospital for various types of emergencies!

My buddy Robert is in I.C.U., and he’s been there about 5-days. I believe they’ll be moving him to a regular room up on the main level sometime today. And it’s possible he’ll be in the hospital another 3-5 days after that.

A friend of mine just had surgery on Saturday and fortunately, it only cost $3,000 USD (for major surgery). She already priced that and in the U.S. it would have been over $35,000 for the same surgery. But still, 3 GEES out of pocket is still a hit to your budget if you didn’t plan for that surgery.

And don’t forget about our emergencies … I had emergency surgery to remove my thyroid after a big tumor was discovered and had wrapped around my vocal cords and pushed my airway to the side making it difficult to breathe!

Recovering after emergency surgery in Merida Mexico at Faro Hospital (i was in the hospital 7-days)

And don’t forget about my daughter Haley’s emergency surgery to get a cyst removed, which also wrapped around one of her ovaries (which also had to be removed).

Accidents happen. People fall. Bones get broken and all sorts of unexpected things surface. So unless you have a few million bucks just sitting in the bank, make sure you’re prepared.

If you’re planning to move to Mexico or anywhere abroad, or if you plan to stay for an extended period of time, make sure you have some type of health insurance; at least the type that covers medical emergencies in foreign countries.

Fortunately for you, the health insurance marketplace (Obama Care) opens up in about another month (November 1st), where you can get or change out your insurance plans.

The one I have through Obama Care did cover my medical emergency. But for about a week, I was paying for tests and labs and x-rays outta pocket because I assumed my insurance wouldn’t work. 

Plus, in order for it to cover my surgery, it required me to be admitted on an emergency basis … After a few trips to the hospital, the doctors saw that it was indeed an emergency and admitted me; and at that point the insurance kicked in (they initially thought I was having panic attacks).

Haley’s surgery wasn’t covered under our plan because in Georgia, they didn’t not enroll the kids under our Cigna plan. Georgia has its own type of State health insurance plan for kids under 18 called Peach Care. And unfortunately, that plan didn’t cover any emergencies here in Mexico.

When the health insurance marketplace reopens in November, I’m gonna see if I can opt out of that State plan and roll them into our plan.

So if you don’t have insurance, check into that Obama Care. It worked … At least it did for my emergency surgery down here in Mexico. I pay like $85 per month for the plan which has both me and the spouse on it. 

Plus, some of these doctors here are pretty slick … A few have practices in the U.S. and depending on what you’re needing, they’ll process the insurance through their US practice and treat you here. So it’s better to have something just in case!

I’m going to be speaking with a lady today about some health insurance options. If she has anything of value, I’ll definitely report back to you. 

Please post any questions/comments you have in the comments box below. Stay blessed and safe ya’ll.

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