How to Get By Without a Car While Living in Cali Colombia

Rolls Royce in Cali, Colombia

So I took a trip to the mall today, which was about a 15-minute drive from my apartment. Uber works down here, and as you can see, that trip cost me only $1.66 … They even had some cheaper Uber options for me to choose from, which would have made this drive even cheaper.

With prices like these, you don’t even need a car at all in places like these. Plus, they have taxis on the streets everywhere as far as your eyes could see. You’d rarely have to wait for one and the prices aren’t that drastically different from Uber.

When I first lived in Medellin a few years ago, I wondered how we’d get around without a car. There were 5 of us at the time and I just couldn’t imagine being satisfied waiting around for Ubers and taxis.

By the time we left 6-months later, I had got so used to being chauffeured around, I no longer even wanted to drive a car (I still hate driving now because of that first trip experience). You get spoiled.

And with prices like these to get around, it doesn’t even make sense to buy a car. I doubt I’d spend more than $100-$125 per month to go where I want (buses are even cheaper). Factor in a car note, insurance, gas costs, oil changes, tires, tune ups, etc … It just don’t financially make any sense.

Most of the places I go to I walk … I’ve already lost 2 pounds since arriving here Thursday.

  • There’s a hospital 3 blocks down the road from me with an emergency room.
  • There’s a mall about 2-3 blocks down the street.
  • There’s probably about 50 restaurants within a 5-10 minute walk from where I live…
  • There’s bakeries … clothing retail shops … car repair shops … a couple pharmacies … a park … movie theater, grocery store, and much more.

When moving or visiting foreign countries, it’s best to try and choose your lodging based on what’s accessible to you.

If I got sick, I could literally walk down the road to the hospital around the corner 24/7.


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