Who’d ever think you could put your own video studio together for less than $199 bucks!

Ask me 7 years ago if folks would be shooting and editing high quality videos directly from their cell phones, and I would have called you a ‘damn fool’.

In this video, I’m showing you my simple setup from where I create online courses that have brought in 7-figure revenues.

Be warned, this setup is NOT impressive, lol:

Just so you can see the power of this, I shot the following video with the same setup I just shared above (i only changed the color of the backdrop). Having a decent source for lights makes all the difference, and for $68 bucks, there’s really no excuse not to have it.

There is a little echo only because I have practically no furniture or pictures on the wall to absorb some of the sound bouncing, but that can easily be fixed with some acoustic panels, but I’m not too worried about that yet.

Here’s a link to all of the stuff I purchased for this simple setup: (most are affiliate links)

If you use a mac, don’t forget to get adapters for HDMI cables if you’re connecting laptop to TV (I used laptop to create the screen cover on the TV in the background).

If you wish to use a whiteboard, search Craigslist and Facebook Marketplace first. Much cheaper because the whiteboards can easily cost upwards of $400 – $700.

Because of the quality of the lights, it might be in your interests to buy second set for home use. Once you start using lights, you don’t want to shoot videos without them. Easier to just have another set of lights at home and office if this applies to you.

For the same reason, consider adding on a 2nd tripod so you’re not lugging that stuff around, and an extra iPhone adapter and mic set. I keep another set of mics in my car. I got tired of not having it when I needed it. For me, sound is important.

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