If you’re struggling to get by on retirement in the U.S., you should consider other options abroad. My family and I have been living in Mexico for over 3-years now, and we love it.

I’m in a city called Merida and it’s considered the 2nd safest city in all of North America (that’s Canada, the U.S., and Mexico). Merida, Mexico is also ranked the 30th safest city in the WORLD (on the list of 40 safest cities in the world, not one city from the United States is listed).

Finding affordable living options in the U.S. can be quite costly … But in Mexico you can live in or near beautiful beach towns for less … In a recent video I posted, I show a small studio apartment that’s renting for $299 per month.

The apartment is brand new and the rent includes water, high speed internet, semi-furnished and weekly trash pick-up; and the town of Chablekal is only 30-minutes from the beach (Progreso Beach, Yucatan).

Here’s a clip if you haven’t seen that video:

It’s not the most upscale place in town, but when your retirement income is less than $1,500-$2,000 per month, and you’re struggling to live on that in the U.S., a $299 monthly rental in one of the safest cities in the world starts to look really good!

For many, it’ll be the first time they’ll have money left over at the end of each month to actually have a life.

My kids and I go to movies (my 2-daughters and I saw a new release movie for $6.96 total — for all 3 of us); and the movies are in English.

At the beach, you can walk up to the fisherman as they’re pulling into port and buy their fish, shrimp, lobsters and octopus for mere pennies (see clip below).

You can go to the markets and get all of the fresh fruits and vegetables you want … You can also get fresh poultry, beef, pork at prices that are unreal (see clip of the market)

Your cost of living goes way down when you choose the right country to live in…

One of the reasons we moved abroad was to catch-up on our finances. With retirement 10-years away, I determined we needed to drastically cut our expenses and start saving and investing.

Truth be told, I did a poor job planning and saving for retirement. No 401K. No savings. No investments.

I spent all of my money living in the present with no regard for the future. Now it’s time to catch-up and make up for the lost time… So moving to a country where our money stretched further seemed like the best plan.

So far, it’s been working out for us. 3-years in Mexico and our finances are better than they’ve ever been. Our kids are thriving and I think we’ll be on track for our 10-year plan (we’ll have a house and car that’s totally paid for, and solar panels so we won’t have an electric bill, and zero debt).

Retirement abroad can be a wonderful experience if you play your cards right.

When I moved here, the goal was to hunker down and aggressively save. What I didn’t expect was that our quality of life would drastically improve. I didn’t expect that we’d actually be living better (for less), than we did in the U.S.

That shocked me… Not only have our expenses drastically decreased, but our quality of live improved significantly, while still saving and planning for the next 10-years.

You can really live a great life in Mexico.. You got options if you’re willing to do the research and see what’s out there.

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