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Break All The Rules & Move Abroad

Ready for a new adventure? Want a better lifestyle for you and your family? Want a retirement that's affordable and offers more wellness? How about the opportunity to live in a different culture and learn a new language?

Whether you’re a seasoned traveler investigating other places to go, or you're just in the research phase – we got you covered. Watch the 'Break All the Rules & Move Abroad in 2024' webinar to see if a life abroad could be for you! 

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"Each video keeps me uplifted and motivated on relocation abroad!"

Hope you don't get tired of us saying . . . THANK YOU!!! . . . I know it may be challenging sometimes to interact with sooo many different personalities in your work! But . . . You guys are really gifted and special people--filling a much-needed niche . . . especially for us retirees . . . seeking . . . change.

I love the naturalness of your YT content . . . AND MOSTLY . . . your honesty, transparency and authenticity!

Each video keeps me/us uplifted and motivated on relocation abroad. Ready to go asap! Hope to follow up on your curriculum for . . . online . . . remote work. Sending good thoughts to Cartess, Kim and the Fam . . . for happiness, health and prosperity!!! Como siempre . . . Saludos cordiales . . . ????????????

Hi, I'm Cartess Ross

Founder & Publisher of Move Abroad & Thrive

Hey You... I Screwed Up Badly! 

And that's why I'm currently living abroad in Mexico–so I can get my retirement in order

I'm gonna keep it real! I didn't save my money and I did a poor job preparing for my retirement. As I near 50-years old, I realized I needed to do something quick!

Living abroad where our money stretched further seemed the most practical. So my family and I left the U.S. a few years ago.

The move allowed us to reduce living expenses significantly, so we could play catch-up with our finances. 

Because of lower costs of housing, food, entertainment, healthcare, and transportation, we now have more money left over each month to save, invest, and to actually afford to have a life!

Recently, my 21-year old got a root canal for $125 and a crown for $100 (this will easily cost you $1,500 in the U.S.), and we recently watched a new release movie in English and it only cost $6.96 for all 3 of us total. 

You really can afford to move abroad and thrive and get your life back. You really can spend time with your kids and have time to help with their homework when you choose the right country to live in.

Your retirement income in Mexico can afford you a better quality life now. You can go out to lunch with friends, watch a live orchestra w/ premium seating, and you can enjoy the beach if that's your thing.

Your best life can be had now – you don't have to wait!

I'm Cartess Ross, and I'm the publisher of the Move Abroad and Thrive Newsletter. Follow along on this epic journey to see how your new life abroad could change your life...

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 OUR mission: 

To help you thrive and live a rich and stress-free life abroad now!

Tired of the rat race? Feel like you can't get ahead? Rarely see your children or family members because you're working non-stop? Worried how things are rapidly deteriorating in the U.S.?

If you can't afford to live on your retirement; and you're concerned you won't be able to maintain your same lifestyle on your projected social security or pension, then you should consider moving abroad.

Living in places like Mexico, Panama, Vietnam, Portugal or Argentina might be right for you. These countries offer a lower cost of housing, healthcare, and transportation; and can help stretch your money further, and provide you a more meaningful life.

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"I'm tired of working to pay bills"

ms. tracey

We work HARD to enjoy life later! Enjoy life NOW! Honestly, I am tired of working to pay bills. *Get the American dream outside the US with U.S. Dollars. You can live a RICH life without being rich – The Vacation Life – Simple Life!