It’s going on nearly 2-months since officially moving to and living in Merida, Mexico. As with any major move abroad, we’re still adapting and adjusting and assimilating to local culture.

In this video I share the good and the bad … if any of these things annoy you, living in Mexico may not be for you.

So go ahead and watch and see if Mexico could be a good fit for you and your family.


Facebook Groups About Merida and the Yucatan:

  • Merida Mexico Expat Community – This group is for people in living in Yucatán that want to connect with others living in the area, or just need advice of any kind from a local. It´s also for those thinking of vacationing, or moving to the area and for those seeking advice on remodeling their homes.
  • Expats in the Yucatan – This is a friendly group for those who live in the Yucatan Peninsula or who are planning to.
  • Merida Mexico Restaurants – This page is for POSTING your positive experiences, not only for viewing….so please post so that we can all share new places to try! Photos and links are always welcome! 
  • Progreso Mexico Future Expats – This group is for anyone who is thinking about relocating to the Progreso area along the gulf coast of Mexico. New expats who are now living there that have advice to pass along to us are welcome & needed.
  • Black Expats: Light Workers & Healers in the Yucatan Mexico – This group is specifically for Healers and Light Workers to promote our events and services. This is a forum where we can learn from each other and support one another in the spiritual healing arts. The intention is to encourage and collaborate
  • Kids in Merida – We are a group of families in Merida. We want to support newcomers, share information about alternative ways of schooling, like homeschooling, anything kid related and make new contacts and friends. This page is intended to post school questions, meet ups and general children related comments. Feel free to organize play dates, field trips and events
  • Black Expats in Mexico (drama free) –
  • Merida Casitas for Rent – This is a page for people to post and share details on houses for rent in Merida and area. Also, feel free to post information on services available to renters and owners, such as, property management, legal services, decorating, contractors, gardening etc..

About the Author

Cartess Ross

Hey ... I'm Cartess Ross and I moved abroad to Mexico 16-months ago in an effort get my life back!
I needed to cut my expenses by more than 50% so I could save and start planning for retirement. I was able to achieve this without sacrificing my quality of life (in fact, it improved). You can do this too.
Check out the free resources to learn more about planning your escape abroad.

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