Since I’ve been living in Merida Mexico, I’ve met a number of people using their skills and talents to support themselves financially.

Depending on which country you’re living in, you don’t need to earn a whole lot to live a quality life abroad. For example, in Ibague Colombia, I stayed in a completely furnished condo (2-bedroom) that was around $300 per month; and that included all of the utilities, Internet and even Netflix!

Your rent is likely to be your biggest expense; but if you strategize this just right, you could easily come up with ways to cover your monthly expenses each month.

I met this lady who absolutely loves to cook. She’s from Belize and her Caribbean style of cooking is absolutely delicious. Her food is full of flavor and people go crazy over it.

She only makes meals for Sundays. She believes everyone deserves at least one home-cooked meal each week (she cooks primarily for other expats living in the area). So every week she puts out a menu on the local Facebook groups here in Mexico and people order.

I usually order 3-4 plates for my crew, plus some fresh juice and dessert (take a look at some of this food below)

Fish, pork chops, curry chicken, potato salad, beans and rice … Ohhh so delicious!

She gets slammed with requests each week … Every weekend, someone posts a review of how good the food was and she gets more and more customers.

As long as I’m living here in Mexico, I’ll be a lifetime customer.

I thoroughly enjoy my meals.

She earns enough to live here in Mexico, while also supporting her family.

So what skills do you have?

What can you do to be of service to others while you’re living abroad?

Start thinking about all of the unique talents and skill-sets you have. People will pay for what you got. Trust that you are good enough!

I will continue to share what others are doing to make money while living abroad; but if you need help or guidance coming up with a plan to monetize your talents and skill-sets, consider joining our ProtegeInsiders program – click here for more information.

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Cartess Ross

Hey ... I'm Cartess Ross and I moved abroad to Mexico 16-months ago in an effort get my life back!
I needed to cut my expenses by more than 50% so I could save and start planning for retirement. I was able to achieve this without sacrificing my quality of life (in fact, it improved). You can do this too.
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