While the cost of living in Merida (Mexico) continues to rise due to the influx of foreigners, and other Mexicans moving from other parts of Mexico, you can still find incredible deals on real estate.

I like to describe Merida as a small-big town.

It’s small enough to feel like home; and big enough to do the many things big-city life offers.

While certain parts of Merida are indeed expensive, there are more 'other' parts that are completely 'un-tapped'. Many of the foreigners moving to Merida tend to occupy the popular areas of Centro and the so-called ‘North’; which leaves an entire East, South and West side of Merida that is very safe and untapped.

These areas still allow for quick access into Merida’s Centro, and access to beaches, pyramids and Cenotes.

Best Places to Retire in Mexico on a Budget

You can actually afford a home and a life, if you're willing to consider a move to Mexico. If your goal is to cut your expenses drastically, you can definitely do that when you choose to buy or rent in Mexico.

Mortgages and rents are likely the biggest expense most people have to pay each month. Eliminating the rental or mortgage payment can free up a lot of income and take away a lot of stress and worry. That’s why I’m so excited to show you what can be had in the $25,000 - $75,000 US dollar range.

If you don’t have this much cash on hand, it’s still a reasonable amount that one could work towards and save over 1-3 years! And for me, eliminating a rental or mortgage payment will allow me to relax a whole lot better.

Merida, Mexico Asking price:
$500,000 MXN Pesos ($25,000.00 US Dollars)

2 bedroom duplex with space for closet. 1 Bathroom with double access. Kitchen with breakfast bar and corridor dining room. See photos below:

For most people retiring, a 2 bedroom and 1 bath will suffice. You don’t need a whole lot of space if your overall goal is to stretch your retirement income further. And quite honestly, with the savings you’ll have, you’ll be out more often and enjoying affordable dinners, movies, plays, orchestras and more.

At $25,000 US dollars, you’ll never have another mortgage or rent payment again. As of this writing, the equivalent of property taxes is a flat annual fee of $500 US dollars. That’s it. Once you buy it, you own it; and you won’t have to pay ridiculous property tax fees like we do in the US.

Merida, Mexico Asking price: $1,390,000 MXN Pesos ($69,500.00 US Dollars)

3 bedroom house with 2 Bathrooms.. Kitchen with breakfast bar and corridor dining room. See photos below:

You can find deals like these all over Merida and all over the world. Determine what country will work best for you and your family and start doing your research. There's a country out there for you!

If you need help finding a home to buy or rent in Merida, email me at: cartess@cartessross.com

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