Over the last few months, I’ve seen many people end up in the hospital for various minor and major emergencies … Most found themselves having to come out of pocket to pay upfront in order to be treated. 

In Mexico, they won’t treat you without payment; it ain’t like the U.S., in Mexico they don’t have to do a dam thang and most times they won’t; and if they do, you ain’t leaving that hospital until you pay in full.

Anyhow, on November 1st, the health insurance marketplace opens up for you to update and/or change your health insurance plans.

If you are planning a move abroad, or if you’re just traveling abroad, this is the time to look over your current insurance and verify if it’ll cover you for emergencies while abroad.

My family has dealt with 3 major medical emergencies this year in Mexico:

1. A huge tumor was found completely wrapped around my thyroid. It was so big it pushed my airway to the side and started to constrict it, which made it difficult to breath. They removed the tumor and my thyroid.

2. Haley was diagnosed with schizophrenia while here and that began a series of multiple trips back and forth to the hospital and emergency room visits for practically this entire year thus far.

3. Then out of the blue, Haley had a huge cyst (1 liter of fluid) that wrapped around her ovary (the ovary died), and they had to remove both the cyst and ovary.

My health insurance from the health insurance marketplace (ObamaCare) covered only 1 of the medical emergencies above. The way our plan was, it didn’t include the kids on our coverage (it automatically enrolled them into the State’s health insurance program for kids), and that did not cover anything here.

But, my insurance covered medical emergencies anywhere in the world and it covered mine (because i was admitted in the ER as an emergency). Unfortunately, I didn’t know that beforehand. Prior to getting admitted, I was paying for all sorts of tests and labs and x rays out of pocket.

So I’m bringing this up because this is the time to scour over the various options available to you in the health exchange and get an insurance plan that’ll cover you abroad for medical emergencies. This saved my butt.

I’m also gonna be updating mine to get my kids on our primary plan so they’re covered in the event of an emergency.

You can’t predict an emergency and you better have something just in case because Mexico and most other countries will NOT treat you without payment (or a guarantee from the insurance companies).

A friend of mine has local health insurance from Mexico and now the insurance company is refusing to pay; and this friend of mine had to fork over a large sum of money to get out of the hospital. He’s still disputing the case and hopes to get reimbursed. He’s fortunate to have had the money to pay it; but I promise you that most folks wouldn’t of had that kind of money on hand to pay the bill and would have been in trouble.

So I urge you to look over the plans and choose well … What you choose now will go into effect January 1st … So seriously, do this … Because when I did look at my claim that was paid by my insurance company, the bill was $32,000 US dollars.

Don’t get caught slipping … I’m praying we can make it the rest of the year without anything else significant happening.

I’ll send out another reminder for you on the 1st of November when the exchange opens up, and another notification in December so you don’t forget!

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As always, do your research and plan a visit to see for yourself. Don’t get tricked into believing life abroad is all peaches and cream. Videos on YouTube make it all seem luxurious and fun. The reality is that it takes a lot of work coming into an entirely different culture where you’re starting over essentially. It’s brutal and most folks leave within months. So take your time and plan this out properly.

Cartess Ross

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