Whew … My Spanish is Jacked Up!

Mi Espanol Muy Malo

But guess what? I’m not going to let that stop me from touring all through South America, lol. Sometimes you just gotta go … Yes, it would be much more convenient to know the language before I go, but I’m not waiting.I’ll figure it out and I’ll make it work.

Oftentimes we let fear get in the way and that’ll stop us from doing the things we want to do. We must learn to recognize when that is happening and push through.

Once I get there, I’ll learn the language. I’m giving myself one-year to be at least 60% fluent enough to have a decent conversation and to know what others are saying.

Sure … It can get frustrating at times not knowing the language, but that frustration can be a positive thing as it pushes one to spend more time studying so the language can be learned faster.

I did pick up a few books to read and study on the way … And I already know how to count to 50 (almost) and I know a few basic words like hello, bye and good-afternoon, lol!

Don’t let your brain try to trick or convince you that you’re not ready. Your thoughts will try to find every possible way to keep you from doing certain things out of fear (fear is not of God).

Push past that fear and keep your mind focused on the goal. And for me, my goal is to get there asap!

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