Malla Sombra: Protecting Yourself From the Sun in Merida

Malla Sombra

The sun in Merida’s Yucatan State can be brutal; and with many homes having floor-to-ceiling windows, it can bring extreme heat into your home and damage your furniture and artwork.

An easy and cheap solution is to get a ‘Malla Sombra’, which translate into ‘shade cloth’.

This can cut down your electric bill significantly and save you money and make your home more comfortable. It’s also great to have in your pool area if there’s no shade.

Check out this video and see how it all works.

If you’re in Merida and you need a malla sombra, send a message on WhatsApp to this company (my original guy never came back to complete the job … I had to call someone else to come adjust it to block out the rest of the sun).

El rey de la Mallasombra…
+52 999 528 1312 (WhatsApp)

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