Finding affordable beach life options in the U.S. can be quite costly … But in Mexico you can live in or near beautiful beach towns for less …

I’ve currently being living in a city called Merida. It’s in the Yucatan State of Mexico. We’ve been here 3-years and it’s considered the 2nd safest city in all of North America (Canada, United States and Mexico). The city of Merida itself is very beautiful and many parts of the city is very modern.

One of the benefits of living in this city is it’s close proximity to many small beach towns. Progreso Puerto is probably the largest one in this immediate area. We’re about 25-minutes away from Progreso, which is convenient when we want to go to the beach or to get fresh seafood.

Trying to find affordable ocean view real estate in places like Florida, South Carolina and California can be ridiculously outrageous. But if you’re open to explore other beach towns outside of the U.S., you can find everything you want, and more, for a lot less.

A prior client of mine scored a condo on the beach in Progreso for about $550 per month. You could literally throw a pencil out of her window and it would land in the ocean. It was a 2 bedroom, 2 bath condo, completely furnished. Trash, water and Internet services were also included in the rent.

Something like that could easily cost you $3,500 per month in the States, plus association fees, and ridiculous insurance costs. This is out of reach for most folks and the average guy or gal misses out on this type of living.

If beach living is what you want to retire to, consider exploring other beach towns across the world.

Here’s a clip of me and my friends enjoying a day at the beach. We also met the fishermen as they pulled onto the shore with their ‘catches of the day’, and we were able to buy fresh fish and lobster for literally pennies on the dollar.

While Progreso Puerto is the larger beach town near Merida, there are a ton of other beach towns to the east and west of Progreso. Many of these other beach towns would be significantly cheaper than Progreso and if you don’t mind living a few blocks from the beach, you could probably find an apartment ranging from $300-$499 per month.

You got options when you consider other places outside of the United States. If beach town living is your thing, I’d encourage you to start doing your research. I think you’ll be blown away at what you can find.

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