Check out some of the photos below of this amazing condo in South America … It comes completely furnished, and all utilities included (high speed internet, telephone and cable TV too).

Swimming pool, jacuzzi, workout facility on property and playground..

Now tell me you couldn’t live well in Colombia, South America… Very modern, and clean. Beautiful view of the mountains too!!!

This is in the town of Ibague in Colombia … Not so far from Bogota.

The properties are off da chain. If you wanted to fly to Medellin, roundtrip tickets are $50 bucks. ROUNDTRIP…

It’s cheap flying within Colombia. Flight is only about 60 minutes.

I loved living in Medellin, but now, I’m looking for a town with much less traffic, less pollution, less foreigners, and less costly. You’ll find these options the farther out you go away from the major cities like Bogota or Medellin.

If your retirement monies aren’t enough to allow you a comfortable or quality life, consider Colombia.

Checkout the properties for yourself on AirBnB to get a general idea on how well you can live in other parts of South America too … The prices might shock you!

Here’s the link to AirBnB

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