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Google wants to pay you a bunch of money, and this can only happen if you’re willing to just start where you’re at now … The longer you wait, the longer it takes to get paid!

Here’a a screenshot of my Google Adsense account … You’ll see my profile pics in the upper right corner (I just want you to know this is my account).

The $89,601.59 you see circled is what Google paid me in checks/direct deposits for content I share on my blogs, websites and YouTube channels (it $10,399.41 short of my $100,000 claim … But $100 GEES sounded better than $89,000 so I ran with it … Forgive me, lol).

And I wasn’t even trying to make this money … It’s not my primary business model, but who am I to turn down free money from Google??? I’m no fool!

In this primer, I’ll show you how you can earn too!

Because quite frankly, Google wants to pay you for the content you create and share on places like YouTube and on your website/blog.

Starting a business sounds hard on the surface, but it can be a relatively fun venture that helps you fund the type of lifestyle you want to have.

For me, I wanted freedom and independence. I wanted to participate and be present to watch my children grow-up. I wanted to travel and introduce them to new things, ideas and cultures. And if I’m really honest, I wanted to be freaking rich, lol …

Heck, let’s be real here, with 5 children, a traditional job wasn’t going to allow us to live comfortably!

In this quick-start guide, I’m going to reveal a variety of methods you can use to monetize your hobbies, passions and talents to make money; all while having fun.

I’ll also show you how I got nearly $100,000 out of Google and how you can too!

3-Rules You Must Follow to Make Money Online (of Offline)

  1. Identify a topic of interests: These can be topics you’re already into, or have an interest in, like traveling, raising chickens, biking, tiny houses, etc.
  2. Build a following (audience, list, tribe): Choose a platform to talk about your interests and gather your tribe. Think YouTube, Blogging, Facebook, Podcasting, etc.
  3. Sell and pitch stuff for your tribe to buy: Package your expertise in the form of an ebook, course, coaching, consulting (you can even get sponsors to pay you).

Let’s start with number 1 so I can explain …

  1. Identifying a Topic of Interests!

When I lived in Florida, we lived next to a lady that raised chickens in her backyard. Unbeknownst to me, this has become a popular trend. Apparently, millions of people are doing this in their neighborhoods.

And if you’re already doing this, millions more people will need your help and expertise.

Why??? Because everyday of the week, someone wakes up with this great idea of raising chickens in their backyard.

These people lack the experience on how to get started. They don’t know what kind of chickens to get. They don’t know where to buy them. They don’t know how to raise them. They don’t know how to feed them, etc.

These eager souls will turn to the Internet to find someone who could show them the ropes. And if you’re willing to share your expertise online, these folks will bump into your content while searching for tips and advice, and you’ll become their expert!

For example, the following lady has a YouTube channel where she made a video for beginners interested in raising backyard chickens.

It’s been viewed 1.3 million times.

And guess what???

YouTube pays her for all of those views. She sells t-shirts on her site. She also gets commissions for referring people to buy the products and services she uses to raise chickens.

But most importantly, she’s getting paid because she dared to get online and share her passion.

So … What special skill do you have? What do you know?

Do you speak well? Do you budget well? Do you save or invest well? Have you made money buying real estate? Are you an excellent car salesman? Do you teach adults how to read? Have you backpacked across Thailand? Did you move to Mexico? Did you recover from your divorce? Did you beat depression?

What skill, talent, or knowledge do you have? It doesn’t have to be unique or special?

Do you enjoy gardening? Are you a photographer? Have you successfully transitioned from a poor diet to a raw plant based diet? Do you make a mean smoothie?

Any of these could be topics you could talk about and build an audience around.

The people making money from their YouTube channels or blogs are regular everyday people. These aren’t celebrities or famous people. They’re regular folks just like you and me.

The most important thing for you to do is to just decide you’re going to do this. Identify a topic of interest and just start!

The few courses I have were built around my hobbies and interests.

For example, I made great deal of money going to antiques auctions. I specialized in mid century chairs, stools and benches. I’d buy them cheap and resell them for big profits.

Because of my success with that, and because I enjoyed it, I built a course around it (and I was asked to star on my own reality tv show on a major network – but that’s a story for another day)…

I also built a very successful Christian t-shirt company. We sold millions of dollars worth of Christian apparel to individuals, churches, and Christian bookstores all over the world.

Because of that experience, I ended up building a course showing people how to turn their t-shirt design ideas into a real business. That course has sold over $4 million in course sales.

I have much more, but I just wanted to emphasize the simplicity of this. I built these around my interests at the time; and decades later, I’m still earning a sizable income from these.

2. Build a Following

Pay attention closely to this part … This is the secret sauce that makes all of this work. Do this part right and you can see freedom much sooner.

So … Once you’ve identified your topic of interest, the thing you want to do next is build a following. Some call this ‘building a tribe’, or ‘building an audience’, or ‘building a fanbase’.

Ideally, these people will share the same interest you have.

The best way to build your tribe is to put out content related to your topic of interest. If you’re into ‘raising backyard chickens’, then you’ll start creating content around that topic.

If you’re into ‘organic gardening in your backyard’, you’d put out content about that. If you’re into ‘making healthy soups for type-2 diabetics’, you’ll put out content about that.

I realize I may be scaring some of you when I use the word ‘content’. But fear not, lol. A lot of people think that means you have to do a bunch of writing.

Not true … Content comes in many forms.

For me, my favorite platform for building my following is YouTube. There are billions of searches happening on that platform regularly.

YouTube is really a search engine. What people don’t find in Google, they will instinctively turn to YouTube for a solution. There’s no better place to learn about raising chickens than YouTube.

I like videos because you get to see what these darn chickens actually look like… You get to see what the ‘feed’ looks like. You get to see everything.

A platform like YouTube allows you to immediately share your expertise to people that are actively searching for you. You don’t have to find these people, they’re already looking for ya. You just need to share what you know so they can bump into your content.

Video is a great way to instantly position yourself as someone who knows what they’re talking about. It positions you as an expert.

All you gotta do is teach or show them how to do something. And guess what? You instantly become an expert. Let me show you.

I don’t know if you can see the number of views below the video, but it’s over 3.6 million views.

When I started the ‘Free Magic School’, I simply wanted to share my passion for magic. As a kid, I taught myself magic and studied the craft all the way through high school.

I was not a well-known famous magician or anything; but the act of simply teaching people how to do magic instantly catapulted me to ‘expert status’ almost overnight (we’ll talk about this later because it’s important).

I was able to quickly build a following, position myself as an expert, and start making money almost immediately.

There are a variety of ways to build your following.

I enjoy making videos, but there are many of you who don’t like the idea of getting in front of a camera. So at this stage, you must decide the platform you wish to use to build your tribe.

Perhaps you like talking and running your mouth… If that’s you, you might consider podcasting.

A podcast is like having your own talk radio show. Millions and millions of people subscribe to podcasts everyday. Similar to YouTube, people are searching for podcasts based on topics of interests to them. If they like your content, they’d subscribe to you as well.

Blogging is another way to build an audience. If you love writing, this is a great option. I still blog regularly, and you will probably want to do this if your goal is to build a longterm business model around your topics of interests.

There’s still Facebook (FB Groups), Instagram, LinkedIn, Kindle, etc… We’ll get into these other
options in another segment, but just know there’s more.

Before I end this section, there’s still one more trick you must do to make this work in your favor. This one thing is the most important part to making the money.

You must collect e-mail addresses and build an e-mail list!

Relying on YouTube, Facebook, or Instagram to ensure your messages get seen by your group or tribe is a path to failure!

All of these companies have algorithms built in to ensure your messages do NOT reach all of your subscribers or fans. It’s their way of forcing you to spend your money with them to reach the group you built on their platform (not many people know this).

So your goal as a marketer and businessman (or woman), is to get these people off of the social media platform and onto your website so you can tag ’em, and get them onto your email list.

One of the ways to do that is by offering them a bribe in exchange for their e-mail address. It must be something they’d perceive as valuable.

Using the Free Magic School as an example, I made a video of me performing a simple magic trick. It was an amazing illusion and it always floored people and got amazing reactions.

So I performed this trick on video and at the end of the video I said, “If you want to learn how to perform this illusion, go to my website and leave your name and e-mail address, and I’ll send you the tutorial showing you how to do it.

People started flooding in and signing up to learn that trick. Our e-mail list exploded (over 1-million in record time).

Now that I had all of these e-mails, it gave me the power to e-mail and reach out to my fanbase at will. I could send them new tutorials and updates on demand, and I could introduce them to premium videos they could purchase.

I could bring on and charge sponsors to advertise their magic products inside my newsletter. I could sell e-books and e-courses. This asset was mine to use as I chose.

I no longer had to play by the rules or guidelines Facebook or YouTube or any other platform required me too. I could talk about whatever I wanted without any sort of censorship.

I didn’t have to worry about them flagging my content as ‘fake news’ or getting banned because I violated any of their terms of services. This list is your most valuable asset and is how us marketers make money (if you’re reading this report, it’s because you’re on my list).

3. Sell and pitch stuff

This is my favorite part, lol. In this section, I’m going to share some of the various ways you can make money from your knowledge, hobbies, talents or passions.

In order to make money, you must have something to sell.

Most folks online or on YouTube go on and on and on … Running their mouths about nothing. And worse, they have nothing to sell …

How do you make money with nothing to sell? Making money from Google Ads on your videos is great but that takes a while to build up too.

You need a way to make decent money asap!

I typically suggest you sell stuff you own outright. These can come in the form of a course (online courses), an ebook, coaching or consulting, membership access, workshops/seminars, specialized training, etc.

The first product I created was an e-book. It took me a few hours to put together and I sold it for $17 bucks (this was almost 10 years ago). As I continued to add more and more quality stuff to the e-book, I increased the price.

I sold it for $27 … then $37 … $57 … $77 … $97 … I eventually got to a point where I was able to sell that darn thing for $157.00.

As time went by, I eventually took everything from the e-book and started teaching the same content on video.

Since video has a higher perceived value, I charged more for it. I was able to sell that ‘course’ for $379.00

As time went on, people started asking to speak with me by phone. So I started offering consultation services where I charged $195 to speak with me by phone for an hour.

Guess what? People paid it, and they’ll pay to talk with you as well.

You just gotta let them know you have these products and services, and you gotta be willing to ask for the sale.

Ebooks is a great way to start. Doesn’t require any specialized skills or knowledge to create one. You could start with something as simple as a Word document or even a power point template.

Just write up something of value, convert it into a pdf file, and now you got yourself an ebook.

Obviously, you’re going to have to sit down and plan out what you wish to write-up and document. But once you do that, it’s pretty simple and easy to do (I have my own process for coming up with topics, and I’ll share that another day). But understand, this is not difficult.

Another student of mine wrote her ebook out over a weekend and sold it the first day she made her tribe aware of her new ebook. They loved it, and your tribe will love yours too.

The e-book is probably the easiest of all the products to create. Once you create it, you can sell it over and over and over again… You write it once, and get paid indefinitely.

My e-book still sells 10+ years later.

Once you outline your ebook and write it out, you can now use this same outline to create online courses. For me, online courses ain’t much different. You usually teach in front of a video camera (I use my cell phone) and now you have an online course.

Because video has a higher perceived value, you can charge more. I’ve sold many courses for as much as $1,995.00.

I like putting my videos on my website and securing it with a username/password. When my members purchase membership access, our software immediately sends them the login details to access the video training (online course).

This is all automated and hands-off. If someone purchases my course (or ebook) at 3 a.m. in the morning, they’re sent access immediately. Doesn’t matter what time they purchase.

I mentioned consulting earlier.

You can start earning from this almost immediately. If you have a website (and you really should), simply add a ‘Consultation’ link on your navigation bar.

Create a page outlining what they’d get, along with a price and a buy button, and you’ll be shocked at how quickly people will book a consulting session with you.

You can do 30-minute or 60-minute sessions and charge accordingly.

Another way to earn is from hosting group training calls/sessions. With live video/chat software like ZOOM, you can host single or live weekly training sessions.

You charge a fee for students to access your class, and then you teach on whatever topics you decide to teach on. This is very easy to do and doesn’t take much time to get going.

The beauty of this method is that you’re teaching a group of students at one time. You’re not having to do it one on-one. After you teach your session, you can open up the training so they can ask questions.

One of my favorite ways to get paid is as an influencer. As your fanbase and following gets larger, businesses will start to reach out to you. They see the influence you have and they will pay you to mention or highlight their products and services.

You don’t need to have a million subscribers to benefit from this at all. As of this writing, I have less than 80,000 subscribers on my TshirtRiches YouTube channel and I still get pitched for offers almost monthly.

When I only had 25,000 subscribers, I was getting hit with all sorts of offers. If you’re engaging your followers, businesses will reach out to you for partnerships.

Other companies have offered me BIG incentives to market and promote their products/services for larger than normal commissions.

Also, Google has an ‘ad revenue sharing’ program called Google Adsense. You can join for free, and they give you a piece of code to add onto your website. When people come to your website, they’ll see various types of advertising that’s related to the content on your site.

So if your website is about raising backyard chickens, ads related to that, or even farming, will populate across your website. If people click the ads, you get a portion of the revenue (that money is from advertisers that pay to show up on your website in order to get in front of your audience).

To date, Google has paid me $89,601.59

This screenshot of my Google Adsense account shows what Google paid me to share content I was passionate about via my YouTube channels, blogs, and websites.

All of these options and more are available for you to earn income from by sharing your passions, hobbies, interests, skills, or knowledge.

If you’re willing to put in the time, work, and dedication, I’m confident you could earn anywhere from $20,000 – $50,000 within a year or two following my direction.

Now here come’s my pitch …

A YouTube page is fairly simple to setup, but every last one of you need a simple website or landing page to capture leads from … This is the foundation to making this money online (plus a few tricks I use to flood traffic to new videos to get that extra adsense money from Google).

You’ll need a landing page that captures email addresses. You’ll need some type of bribe to offer these folks coming to your website … And you’ll need something to sell them.

I’m putting together a training that’ll show you how to come up with a simple report or bribe that people want … And I’ll show you how to put together the ultimate landing page that’ll capture these leads that come to your website.

And I’ll give you access to a training that’ll help you quickly put together an ebook or mini-course that you can immediately start selling… You’ll finally have your own product/course that you own outright 100%

If you’re going to take the time to be online creating content, you need to be making offers.

Your Investment for the training: $595.00 today

SPECIAL OFFER … Sign-up now by midnight, I’ll have my website designer setup your own landing page and e-mail capture form for a flat rate of $295 (this will be a simple landing page with your e-mail autoresponder software connected to it … For starters I recommend Aweber). If you don’t have a website, this landing page can serve as your website. Only valid for WordPress enabled sites (we don’t work with WIX).

Click here for training only: $595
Click here for training & landing page offer: $890

If you got questions, e-mail me: cartess@cartessross.com

*Training goes online Monday, August 21st.