Need Help Making the Transition to Life in Mexico?

It can be overwhelming stepping into a new country, new culture and a complete different way of life. Let me help you!

Let's plan your 'Move Abroad'

A common mistake new expats make is paying too much for their housing. If you're overspending on a home by $400 per month, that can be very costly over the course of a year ($4,800) ... You can often find your dream house on 'the other side of town' for significantly less and with more space; but you wouldn't know that as a newbie arriving to a foreign country.

Real estate agents get paid by commission. They're not interested in showing you the lower priced homes; they figure foreigners got money to spend and they tend to show the higher priced homes because that yields a bigger commission to them.

We don't collect commissions. I don't care if you want an expensive or cheap home; my fee is the same. I find exactly what you want based on your needs, and ensure you're not overpaying.

The other common mistake is choosing the wrong neighborhood or area... For example, in some neighborhoods you'll pay less (or more) for utilities like electricity. And electricity can get costly during the summer months when you're running the a/c a lot.

Also, if you choose the right location, your transportation costs drop drastically because you're not having to hop an Uber for every little trip to the grocery store, restaurant or fruit stands. 

My Uber bill for a family of 4 averages about $239 per month; and that's with us going everywhere we want without thinking about it.

While most areas are safe in and around Merida, some areas are more prone to flooding, poor Internet connectivity, and lots of bugs, mosquitos and spiders. Knowing where and where not to be can save you a lot of headache and frustration.

Let's connect so you can move abroad and thrive with ease. If you'd like to hire us for your housing needs, I have a package below. If you wish to get on the phone and discuss your needs prior to purchasing our 'relocation package', we do offer a telephone consultation.

Merida Rentals

Relocation Assistance

*This package is designed to help you find a rental at the best price. We'll start looking for properties prior to your arrival and will set appointments to view them once you arrive. We can typically find your rental within 3-7 days. 

How We Work

We'll send you a bunch listings of homes/apartments based on your requirements, budget and criteria. You select up to 6 of the listings you like to see and we'll schedule a time to go out with you to view those properties if they're available.

So far, our clients have been able to find their dream home from the 6 they were able to see (most usually choose their home by the 3rd or 4th viewing).

If you don't find what you need, you can sign-up for another block of 6 at a 35% discount off our price (no one has had to do that yet - we've been fortunate to get it right based on your list of 'must-haves').

What We Do

We schedule home viewings around your arrival time to Merida (we start searching the week before you arrive)

We'll pick you up & take you to the viewings (you must rent the car / or hire the driver, or we can meet via Uber).

We'll assist with getting services turned on (cell-phone, Internet, etc.)

After you move-in, we'll take you around your new neighborhood to find all of the essentials like grocery stores, laundry services, water refill stations, local markets to buy fruits, veggies and meats, etc.

The 'Fine Print'

I have an attorney who will review your rental contract and make necessary changes and/or recommendations before you sign. They'll let you know if the contract is not a good one and if you should walk away. The attorney charges $1,000 pesos (which is about $50 USD), and you're responsible for this fee should you decide to hire them.

If you don't find what you're looking for in the first block of 6, you're welcome to buy another block of 6 properties to view. I'll knock 40% off of the package price for the 2nd block. To date, no one has had to purchase a 2nd block. I include this limit because some people are extremely picky and over-the-top lol... This limit is set to keep this from being an endless cycle of looking and looking; there has to be a cut-off point. We are extremely careful and take our time to only find and show you properties that meet specific requirements YOU chose.

For our services, it's recommended you rent a car (I'm happy to drive it for you if you're not comfortable). Due to time constraints, a rental gets us around much quicker. If a rental is not available, a driver could be hired, and they usually charge about $150 - $190 pesos per hour ($7 - $9 USD). You can expect their services for about 2-3 hours each day on average when appointments are scheduled.

If we're out all day and need to eat lunch/dinner, you'll cover my meals. If we need the services of a driver, you'll cover the driver's meal(s) as well (it's a common practice here).

Due to increased demand, on occasion I personally may not be available to attend viewings with you. On those occasions, one of my colleagues will take you out on my behalf. They know my process and can assist as well.

Payments made are used to secure the dates prior to your arrival so we can plan and schedule appointments for you to see rentals. Because these dates are blocked out to accommodate you, there are no refunds. We will start searching and pulling listing to view within 7-days of your arrival date

Your Cost

Our fee is a flat-rate: $995 

Sign-up below to lock-in this rate and to secure your block of time based on your arrival dates. We don't start looking, nor schedule appointments until payment has been made. 

*Price of rentals rise this time of year as 'snowbirds' make their way here. Inventory is getting scarce. I only take on 2-3 clients per month. If interested, book now to secure your spot.

Relocation Assistance: Merida

*Please note: My goal is to find what you want above all else. I don't earn commissions from landlords or agents; my sole purpose is in looking out for your interests. If something is too high, I'll tell you. If you can find a better deal, I'll let you know. I want to help you assimilate into local culture quickly and as smoothly as possible. I'll give you the real so you can be successful in making the transition and staying here. It's hard for most to adjust and you will have some challenges and doubts during your first few months here. I'm here to help make this move easier for you and/or your family. My rates aren't the cheapest, but the benefits you get from hiring me are priceless. You're not just a transaction to me; I'm looking out for your needs. 

Hi, I'm Cartess Ross

So here’s the deal … I try to be transparent in all I do, in hopes that my experiences can help someone else!

I’m nearing 50-years old and I’ve done a poor job managing my money. No savings. No 401k. No investments. I 'fudged' this up royally!

I started Move Abroad and Thrive because I realize I must get my finances together over the next 10-15 years … I don’t want to be hunched over the computer trying to keep up with Google algorithms, lol …