Millions of Americans are Fleeing the U.S. for Greener Pastures Abroad

You can too... I'll show you how your new life abroad can be your best ever!

Cartess at Progreso Beach Mexio

Dear future expat,

You're likely reading this page right now because in some way, your life isn't where you expect it to be right now ... 

Even though you're putting in a backbreaking amount of effort, it don't ever seem like it's enough! 

I understand you!

Trying to live the American dream is hard. And I mean really hard.

Worried about how you're going to pay your bills.

Concerned if you'll have enough retirement to live on.

Stressed and worried if another shutdown is coming! 

Worried if vaccine mandates will affect your ability to earn a proper living for your family.

Lots of unknowns!

As I write this, I'm currently living in Merida, Mexico. 

This wasn't a planned trip; I ended up here due to a lot of unexpected violence and chaos happening in Colombia, South America.

I flew here to wait until things calmed down in Colombia; but the moment I arrived in Mexico, I knew this would be home.

Like many other expats that move to Mexico, I was quite surprised how beautiful this place really is. I'll admit our propaganda machine in the US did a great job convincing me Mexico was a 'sh*thole'... 

I was wrong!

I never knew over 1 million Americans were permanently living in this country as full-time residents.

After living here for nearly 5-months myself, I understand why!

Your U.S. dollar makes living in Mexico super affordable. Depending on which part of Mexico you're living in, you could literally cut your US living expenses by as much as 50-65% overnight simply by relocating across the border.

For example, I found a 3-bedroom home, with with almost an acre of yard, a large swimming pool (that's almost 20 feet long x 12 wide), on well water for only $450 per month!

See it for yourself in the video I shot a few weeks ago...

I've even come across some rentals for as little as $235 per month, with a similar pool and setup like the Merida property above...

It's insane out here!

Another perk to living here is the beach that's only 23-minutes up the road from me. I'm talking about a small-quaint beach town with pretty blue water and some of the most amazing seafood restaurants right on the ocean.

In fact, you can find ocean view front property for just a few hundred bucks a month here too... I doubt most folks would be able to afford this type of living back in the U.S. on a beach!

As I was saying earlier, living in a country where your US dollar goes further, opens up many more opportunities for you to finally live your best life and thrive.

I've met so many people that were struggling on a $1,200 social security income in the U.S., but now they're here living the good life in Mexico!

Which is why I'm here now.

I'll be 50 years old in a couple of years ... I have no savings, retirement, 401k nor IRAs ... While I've made a lot of money, I spent it all living in the moment (and if I'm honest I wouldn't change anything I've done ...it's those experiences that's led me to my 'NOW').

But I am wise enough to know that in about 15-years I'll be 65 and I'll need to have my finances together. Which is the reason I'm living across the border now ... By drastically cutting my expenses, I can use those savings to play catch-up and get my finances on track and be ready for 65 and beyond!

Although my expenses have been drastically reduced, my quality of life has improved drastically since being here ...

My daughters and I regularly go to the movies to watch new releases in English, in a state of the art movie theater (the 3 of us watched a new release a few weeks ago for just $6.90 total).

My daughter takes ballet classes 6-days a week for $50 per month (in the U.S. she went twice a week and the cost was nearly $200 per month).

We can take Uber rides across town for as little as $3 bucks (the last Uber I took cost me $75 to get from the airport to my mom's house in Atlanta ... that same ride here would cost me about $8 bucks).

I have a housekeeper who comes and clean my entire house for just $21 (she's here from 8 a.m. - 2 p.m.). I pay more because she only comes once a week ... If I had her come Monday thru Friday each week, it would only cost me about $300-$390 per month).

My water bill for 2-months of service was only $7.

My cell phone bill runs only $8 per month with unlimited calls to the US and Mexico ... And that includes data and unlimited use of Facebook, TikTok, Instagram, WhatsApp and more...

I mean... Why wouldn't you live here?

And the city I'm living in now is the 2nd safest city in all of North America (Mexico, US and Canada). The number one safest city is Quebec City in Canada!

Do I have your attention now?


Leave your first name, e-mail address and telephone number so I can send you a link to a video I created sharing all of these amazing details with you ... Play your cards right and this can be the game-changer you've been waiting for!

Hi, I'm Cartess Ross

So here’s the deal … I try to be transparent in all I do, in hopes that my experiences can help someone else!

I’m nearing 50-years old and I’ve done a poor job managing my money. No savings. No 401k. No investments. I 'fudged' this up royally!

I started Move Abroad and Thrive because I realize I must get my finances together over the next 10-15 years … I don’t want to be hunched over the computer trying to keep up with Google algorithms, lol …