Live VIRTUAL EVENT | 17th sept 7:30 pm [est]:

Meet and Greet w/ Sistah Yaya in Merida, Mexico

here's what to expect

From This Live Virtual Event 

This upcoming Sunday, September 17th at 7:30 p.m. Eastern, I'll be hosting a live virtual video event with Sistah YaYa. During this LIVE, you'll be able to ask questions and get advice and feedback directly from her.

Sistah YaYa was one of my first interviews in Merida ... Ya'll have been asking for an update on her life here in Merida and I finally got her coming on.

This lady has built a successful business here in Merida, and has been featured in local Merida magazines and is building a huge tribe. She came to Merida not knowing a soul and has managed to start a new life here.

Sistah Yaya’s Company, Soul Tribe Heals, currently serves as a platform of sharing wisdom and healing with others while serving to preserve the Maroon & Arawak cultural values. The power of Plants, Prayers, Intention and Divine Love continue to remain at the heart and soul of her work. 

She is also a Certified Mother Wound Healer, offering compassion based solutions for Mother wounds for people of all ages.

She now practices her healing arts in Mexico where she hosts personal and group retreats for learning and healing such as her flagship Certification Training: Indigenous Womb Healing, Herbalism & Ceremony Training Retreat in addition to Mother wound Healing Retreats, Personalized Ancestral Healing Ceremonies. 

This is a LIVE Virtual Event

If you got questions about what it takes to start over and rebuild in a foreign country (she lost everything in a hurricane in Louisiana prior to coming here), then you must get on this LIVE and talk to her directly. She's been here now for over 2-years and she's thriving ya'll. 

This will be a LIVE event again and you'll be able to talk directly to her directly. This is for our VIP members only.  The access details will be sent 30-minutes prior to the LIVE event on Sunday. 

If you aren't a member yet, I'd suggest you sign-up and become one. You'd pay more to talk to this lady directly, but it's free if you're on this LIVE.

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LIVE EVENT w/ sistah yaya

17th Sept. | 7:30 PM [EST] 


Cartess Ross