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Move Abroad And Thrive This Year Forums #AskCartess Transferring USA 7th and 4th grader’s school transcript to SEP and having issues Reply To: Transferring USA 7th and 4th grader’s school transcript to SEP and having issues

  • Lee

    February 12, 2024 at 9:56 pm

    So we got some more information, been a roller-coaster. Sharing for any other unlucky parents like us.

    SEP manages all the curriculum for all public and any private SEP accredited schools, which are most if they are worth it. We did try a non accredited private SEP school, run away if you come across this.

    For students in 4th or higher grade more and likely you will need to take a placement test. My current understanding is the test is relatively easy, but all students take this test. So a 7th grader will take such test, my 3rd grader we signed two forms and now has a SEP transcript.

    The private school, and I assume most schools, will happily enroll your kiddos, take the registration and monthly fee and figure the SEP portion out later. This could be immediately or 6mo into the school year as another friend found out.

    Our private school is sorting out the process with making the appointment with SEP and provide a SEP approved translator since our kiddo’s Spanish is not good. The test is in Spanish hence the need for the translator. From start to finish we are looking at approx 6 weeks, 1-3 weeks to send the documents and get an appointment for the test. You will then need to go to the bank and prepay for the test. Once test is taken 1-3 weeks for the results. We contacted the local SEP office via email and they responded same day and answered some questions too.

    We are still waiting for our appointment and found a much better person to work with at the private school. They have informed us that the test is easy and shouldn’t have a problem transferring from US -> MX. We will see as everyone seems to fib a little to keep customers around.