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  • Cartess

    October 18, 2023 at 11:51 am

    I went about a month or two ago for the 2nd time. The first time was a disaster because i didn’t know what I was doing, nor could i understand anything … But then again, I’m not a regular casino type kinda guy; i hadn’t been to one in 10-years, lol…

    But the 2nd time I went, it went much smoother. I went to the front desk inside (Cashier) and just showed her two thousand pesos and she knew what I needed. She asked for my passport and entered some info on the computer and swiped a card and called some guy to the counter and he took me to a machine to complete registration, and then sent me back to the cashier, at which time she took my money and gave me the card and off to the slot machines I went.

    They have them in all denominations and I won $30 bucks, lol… And then lost it all the next day.

    I saw black jack tables and a few other games in there. THey gave me drinks and he didn’t ask for any money so i assume it was free… I tipped him $20 pesos, which was probably too much after I thought about it… I plan to go back when I can find someone a little more seasoned because i didn’t know what i was doing with those slots and I want to try my hand at black jack but not by myself.

    I had fun though 🙂