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  • Heather

    October 9, 2023 at 9:57 pm

    Hi Tina. Availability of medical care is a deal maker or breaker for me. My meds need prescriptions so I took Cartess’ advice from few months ago and made an appointment with a highly recommended Dr.

    I contacted her via WhatsApp and saw her at a private hospital for a full consultation as part of my scouting trip. She looked at my labs (I brought them with me digitally), checked out my meds and reassured me that I could get the care I needed here. She said she would be my “guide” if I needed to eventually see other specialist. We worked up my care plan and will get started once I move here in a few months. She also recommended that I switch to Blue Cross because the hospital here would handle the claims process. So, a hour-long full consult on a Saturday, care plan development, and a doc on my team, all for $45. Fully worth the time and effort. I met 2 other Americans in her waiting room who’d been with her for a while. Lastly, she speaks English fluently.

    Dra. Sofa. Whatsapp +52 999 342 0036.

    Hope this info helps.