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Move Abroad And Thrive This Year Forums #AskCartess Bringing a car to Mexico Reply To: Bringing a car to Mexico

  • Diana

    August 30, 2023 at 11:46 am

    You can bring a foreign car into Merida MX as long as you are a Temporary Resident (RT)Or if you are on a visitor visa.

    For the most part you must have the title on your car and mexican insurance then you obtain a TIP once you cross the border into Mexico you pay a fee and keep the paperwork to show if you get pulled over at any point during your stay in Mexico

    We are in USA and plan on bringing our vehicle with us

    Our vehicle MUST be out of Mexico BEFORE we become RP You will no longer be able to drive it inside Mexico

    You may NOT bring a foreign car into Merida MX if you are a Permanent Resident (RP)

    There are cases where you can nationalize your USA car but you pay an import tax and there are very specific guidelines if that particular car would qualify. Check with attorney Valerie @ Services Legal de Merida