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Move Abroad And Thrive This Year Forums Merida Rentals Beautiful Rental in Conkal: 4 Bedrooms Reply To: Beautiful Rental in Conkal: 4 Bedrooms

  • Cartess

    August 24, 2023 at 11:58 pm

    Great observation … Things have definitely been changing. These landlords are making deals. I had one drop the price from 20,000 pesos to 16,000 pesos to keep us from walking out of the door with out commitment. Properties have definitely been sitting longer … Snowbirds will start making their way down in another month. It’ll be interesting to see if that changes anything. I know a lot of Americans that have been coming down had to change their budgets due to the poor performing US dollar. My new $24,000 pesos rent would typically be $1,200/mo USD … But with the poor dollar, it’s currently $1429/mo USD (that’s $229 more) .. So folks are adjusting their budgets accordingly. It’ll be interesting to watch