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Move Abroad And Thrive This Year Forums Merida Rentals Beautiful Rental in Conkal: 4 Bedrooms Reply To: Beautiful Rental in Conkal: 4 Bedrooms

  • Greg

    August 24, 2023 at 11:07 pm

    I mean, I guess the price is “a lot” compared to studio and 1BR apartments that cost US$250/month. But I wouldn’t think it is a lot for what you are getting. This house is nearly 5,200 square feet! That is HUGE! To get a 5,200 square foot house for less than US$1,100/month is unreal. Of course, if you don’t need or aren’t looking for a house that large, then the monthly rent is probably too high….for your needs. But you have to admit that for what you get, the price is reasonable. AND you can probably get it for 16,000 Pesos if it’s still on the market in a couple of weeks, which makes it an even more amazing deal.

    The properties Cartess is showing seem to have been sitting on the market for enough time that landlords are willing to make a pretty decent cut to the asking rents. Is there a shift in demand happening? Are we approaching a saturation point for US- and Europe-based expats in Merida? Maybe landlords are purposefully pricing things above market value to give themselves cushion to negotiate? Given what Cartess has shown recently and the landlords’ willingness to “make a deal”, I’m not sure I’d be buying or building property to rent out right now.

    @cartessross what trend in rental prices and the length of time properties remain vacant have you noticed over the last 6-9 months? Maybe a “cooling off” period?