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How to Live, Work and Retire Abroad! Forums #AskCartess Merida with Teens Reply To: Merida with Teens

  • Cartess

    March 13, 2023 at 6:08 pm

    No problem. You’re welcome.

    Chablekal – it’s up in the rural areas and outside of the perimeter. It’s near Conkal. Not much to do at all in that small town. I was in that area two weeks ago and i’d personally live there if i were by myself without kids. But with teens, I would not. You’ll need transportation out there (your own car), otherwise, you’ll need to use Uber/DiDi to go any and everywhere; and ubers/didis are NOT in abundance out there. You’ll waste a lot of time waiting for rides to come; and they almost always cancel. So that would be an issue. Not much to do.

    THe other city would be a much better option. Much more of the ‘old’ in that area versus the new and modern. But it’s a good area to be. My kids would like it out there but that’s because they’re used to being in those types of areas. It’s different than the newer/modern stuff… They’ll be able to find stuff to get into, malls would be within driving distance via Uber/DiDi. This is a good area to stay as well. It also puts you closer to Centro. I’d choose this one over Chablekal with teens hands-down. If u find a spot in that area (Itzimn√°), take it. It don’t look like it on the map, but you can get to the ‘North’ or any other areas fairly quickly. And they can get to the malls/shopping quickly and cheaply. Great area.

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