Let's Build a Course Together...

I just closed a deal for creating courses for 3 different companies...  I charged $10K for one; $8K for the other and the last one was a special deal for a non-profit.

I got permission to document these as I create them from scratch... I'm choosing one to document and you get to follow along. If you've wanted to learn how to build your own course, this will be the best way to learn. I break it all down as I build it from scratch.

I've been building courses for over 12+ years before courses were popular and you'll learn a new skill by following along. Once you learn how to build the first one, you can use this process to build more for yourself, or you can charge others a good-lick of money to build courses for them.

Here's some of the 'digital assets' I've earned from for over 23 years to provide for my family of seven... 

Earning with digital assets

The old way of earning a living was always flawed. The current worldwide pandemic we're in proves how relying on that system can be a catastrophic failure to you and/or your family.

Having multiple streams of income has always been a method used by the wealthy to secure their livelihood; whilst also giving them unprecedented freedom to do the things they want!

Here's some of the 'digital assets' I've earned from for over 23 years to provide for my family of seven... 

eBooks & Online Courses

Put what you know into ebooks, or courses and sell them over and over.


This is the fastest monetization strategy (I'll share later). Give advice and get paid. It's easy.

Done for You Services

Have a skill? Or learn one (like Google Ads); offer to do it for others and get paid mucho.


Got a following (don't have to be a lot)? Companies will pay for your influence! I earned 6-figures from this.

E-commerce (Physical Stuff)

Getting and selling your stuff online is easy and it's cheap. We'll show you best practices.

Affiliate Income

Promote and sell other people's products and services and earn revenue.

These are the primary ways I've earned massive revenue streams from the Internet ... If you're looking to create absolute freedom for yourself and/or family, then I'd like to show you how to do this too!

Create digital assets you can earn from for years to come

I meet people everyday who try and do this on their own, or they follow a gazillion people on YouTube for free believing they'll make their small fortune without putting any skin in the game.

You need one person who can show you the complete picture. You can't get that listening to 10 different people with 10 different philosophies and ideas. You'll spend more money and waste more time trying to figure it out on your own.

I've personally sold over $4 million from just ONE of my courses (i have several other courses that sell extremely well), and I've successfully helped others to build multi-million dollar online businesses as well ...

I've also earned multi-six-figure earnings as an influencer, and have earned 6-figures from Google's Adsense partnership program (thanks to YouTube).

I've sold and shipped physical products in the multi-million dollar range when it wasn't normal or popular to purchase items on the Internet with a credit card... I don't share these things to brag; I share them to establish my expertise. I'm not new to this and have been doing this for over 20+ years.

I'm ready to share what I know so others can find a path to freedom and do what they love!

From $1 million to $10 million

These are the types of results I get people ... When I met this young lady, she didn't think she was good enough! My overwhelming belief in her made her believe a little more. That was all I needed to get her to the next level–that's $10 million dude!

I'm Seeking 1,000 Protégé Insiders

I'm putting together a new group coaching program just for you. I pride myself on being a great teacher, coach and motivator. I'm often praised for making complex topics easy to understand. As an 'INSIDER', you get access to an expanding library of teachings and live trainings to help you build digital assets!

01. How-To Content & Trainings

I'll regularly add trainings and teachings to the members only area. I'll teach everything you need to be successful online. I'll share resources so you can quickly start making money online. My methods will have you making money much sooner if you implement and act on what I teach! As this library expands, the topics will cover a variety of ways to earn income.

02. Monthly Protege-Insiders ZOOM-LIVE

You're definitely going to have questions. Each month, I'll teach and train on a new topic via a private LIVE Zoom training. At the end of the training, I'll open up the line to answer questions you might have on any topic. During this LIVE-OPEN session at the end, I'm happy to review your websites, assets or course to offer feedback and tweaks. If you're not available to attend live, these will be recorded and saved in the members only area for your convenience. In addition, if you're unable to attend the live sessions, you can send your questions in advance and we'll address during the LIVE-OPEN at the end.

03. Insider Tips and Interviews

I didn't learn all of this stuff on my own ... I had great coaches, mentors and trainers. As our library expand, I'll bring on experts and other successful people to share their experiences to help you grow. 

Join Protégé–Insiders as a Founding Member

This is a brand new program and content is being created and added each week. As a founding member, you're being offered a discounted rate. Once we reach 300 members the price will increase. 

*Protege-Insiders Go LIVE on August 30th ... Get in Now!


Get in now as a founding member and get locked-in at the discounted rate listed below:

$597 $375


What's included

  • Live monthly trainings with Q&A sessions so you can get LIVE help
  • E-mail support for your private questions and guidance
  • How-to content on various topics to help you build assets and thrive
  • Insider interviews and tips from other experts doing extraordinary things to live, thrive and grow
  • All LIVE trainings will be recorded (you can send your questions in advance if you're unable to attend live)
  • New content added regularly

Meet the Coach.

I'm Cartess Ross and I wanna see you thrive and win BIG this year! Join my Protégé Insiders program where I'll pour all into you that God has blessed me with.

I've personally sold millions of dollars worth of products and services on the Internet, and have helped thousands of businesses over the last 20 years with services my company has provided.

By joining my Protégé Insider program, you get access to my experiences and knowledge at a significant discount.

This is a new program I'm offering and I expect it to fill up fast, so jump in right now so you don't miss this amazing opportunity.