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Relocation Assistance

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*This package is designed to help you find a rental at the best value. We'll start looking for properties prior to your arrival and will set appointments to view.

How We Work: We'll send you a bunch listings of homes/apartments based on your requirements, budget and criteria.

You select up to 6 of the listings you like to see and we'll schedule a time to go out with you to view those properties if they're available.

So far, our clients have been able to find their dream home from the 6 they were able to see (most usually choose their home by the 3rd or 4th viewing).

If you don't find what you need, you can sign-up for another block of 6 at a 35% discount off our price (no one had to do this yet; we've been fortunate to get it right based on your list of 'must-haves')

What We Do:

  • We schedule home viewings around your arrival time to Merida (we start searching the week before you arrive)
  • We'll pick you up & take you to the viewings (you must rent the car / or hire the driver)
  • We'll assist with getting services turned on (cell-phone, cable, Internet, etc.)
  • After you move-in, we'll take you around your new neighborhood to find all of the essentials like grocery stores, laundry services, water refill stations, local markets to buy fruits, veggies and meats, etc.

*Read the fine print below:

*I have an attorney who will review your rental contract and make necessary changes and/or recommendations before you sign. They'll let you know if the contract is not a good one and if you should walk away. The attorney charges $1,000 pesos (which is about $50 USD).

*If you don't find what you're looking for, you're welcome to buy another block of 6 properties to view. I'll knock 30% off the 2nd block. To date, no one has had to purchase a 2nd block. I include this limit because some people are extremely picky and over-the-top lol... This limit is set to keep this from being an endless cycle of looking and looking; there has to be a cut-off point. We are extremely careful and take our time to only find and show you properties that meet your specific requirements.

*For this package, you'll need to rent a car and I'm happy to drive it for you if you're not comfortable. Due to time constraints, a rental gets us around much quicker. If a rental is not available, you'll need to get a driver and they usually charge about $150 - $190 pesos per hour ($7 - $9 USD). We'll use their services for about 2-4 hours each day on average when appointments are scheduled.

*If we're out all day and need to eat lunch/dinner, you'll cover my meals. If we need the services of a driver, you'll cover their meals as well (it's a common practice here).

*Due to increased demand, on occasion I personally may not be available to attend viewings with you. On those occasions, one of my colleagues will take you out on my behalf. They know my process and can assist as well.