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  • This package is a ONE-DAY tour. This is primarily a crash-course intro to the city... We'll essentially hang out for the day and see the city (this is not a package for doing tourist stuff (cenotes, pyramids, museusms, cancun trips, etc).
    • We'll walk the main parts of Merida's Centro (like downtown)
    • We'll walk the different areas of Merida (it's suggested you rent a car for the day - I'm happy to drive it for you. Time is limited and a rental will make it convenient as most Uber drivers will not allow passengers in front seat).
    • We'll walk a few neighborhoods/parks so you can get a feel of the area
    • Dine at a local Mexican restaurant for lunch or dinner (you pay for yours and my mine)
    • Quick visit to grocery stores/malls to get an idea of costs (go to the market in Centro)
    • We'll make sure your apps are functioning and working so you can communicate and get around the city. 
    • You'll have me as a contact for any emergencies during your visit here (if you get lost or need assistance, I'm here or I'll get someone who can assist you (within a 20-mile radius of Merida)
    *Read the fine print below:*If you require more than one-day, we can add on additional days at $395 per day and these are great for those visiting for medical tourism (for getting medical procedures done like dental, vision, surgical, labs, x-rays, etc.)If a rental is not available, it's suggested you get a driver and they usually charge about $150 pesos per hour ($7 USD). We'll use their services for about 6-hours. *You'll cover my meals while we're out; and if we need the services of a driver, you'll cover their meals while they're out with us (it's a common practice here). This package has a limit up to 6-hours.